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Plant-based astringents


Bottles 2 g + 5 g + 9 g
First aid kit

Procillin® 30 %

Procaine benzylpenicillin

Injection solution

Bottle 100 ml

Selected sales markets


Calcium gluconate
Magnesium chloride

Injection solution

Bottle 500 ml

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Powder and Solution

10 g Powder
30 ml Solution

  • LohmaSeal® is a 100 % herbal astringent for immediate hemostasis of serious bleeding for nearly any type of animal.
  • Procillin® 30 % is an injection suspension for cattle, calves, pigs and dogs to treat diseases caused by benzylpenicillin-sensitive bacteria. It is possible to treat infections of the respiratory system, urinary tract, reproductive system, skin and joints in this process.
  • Tetanusan 24 %, 50 %, Calcium Gluconate 38 % is an infusion solution to treat metabolic disorders, (grass) tetany (as a result of hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia), hyposthenia as well as parturient paresis and milk fever in target animal species.
  • Novomate is a powder and solution for the preparation of a suspension for injection for the treatment of mastitis with disorders of the general condition in cattle.

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